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What Do You Wish Was Easier?

Are you familiar with Evelyn from the Internets? If you’re not, you should be. She recently posted a great video about how to give your mind some much needed TLC through journaling.

She has some great tips and recommendations; watch her video for the details. My favorite tip was that you don’t have to solve your problems or wrap up your journal entries with a pretty bow. They are just for you, and if you want to just vent until your hand is cramped that’s fine. The writer in me always tries to “end” my entries with some sort of sign off, but why? No one will be reading it but me.

If you struggle with thinking of something to write about, start with Evelyn’s prompt in the video: “What do I wish was easier for me right now?”

Get journaling! And if you’re smart, you’ll subscribe to Evelyn from the Internet’s channel.


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