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Halloween Costumes You Can Wear to Work

Spooky season is here. And although I have been neglecting this website because life has been barrelling toward me at light speed, Halloween cannot be ignored.

It’s been established that I love a costume, and whether I’m trick or treating with the kids, hanging out at a family member’s house, or trekking to the office, if it’s Halloween, I will be dressing up.

That being said, it’s important to steer clear of certain costumes at work if you want a job to come back to on November 1st. Here are my suggestions for work-appro Halloween costumes (and links to how you can make it happen).

The Rock (Fanny Pack Edition)

Black turtleneck, jeans, fanny pack. Work safe on all counts. Now go practice your eyebrow lift in the mirror. Make it happen: Turtleneck, fanny pack, silver necklace.

Stanley Playing Basketball

Added bonus is that you will now have a windbreaker set in your wardrobe. Make it happen: Windbreaker set.


Comfy sweater with a cute skirt? Sign me up. Make it happen: Sweater, skirt, socks, glasses.

“How do you do, fellow kids?”

I quote this meme all the time. Be prepared for folks not to get the joke, but that’s completely ok. Make it happen: T-shirt, sweater, hat.

Do you wear costumes to work? Leave your work-safe costume ideas below.


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