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The Best Podcasts for Long Commutes

Podcasts and audiobooks are the only things that make my commute doable.

I’ve had a long commute basically my entire career. When I was working in Arizona post-graduation, I commuted from Tempe to Scottsdale every day. When I returned home to Cerritos, I got a job all the way in Irvine. I’ve changed jobs a few times since then, but now I’m back in Irvine. Which means I’m back on the 405 every day, stopping and going with what feels like a million other people on the daily.

Podcasts and audiobooks are two things that make my commute doable. There’s nothing quite like getting immersed in a great story to get your mind off of the infuriating traffic. When it comes to podcasts specifically, I need one that has longer episodes to get me through most of my hour-and-a-half travel time. 

Here’s four amazing podcasts for long commutes (in no particular order):

Stuff You Should Know

Josh and Chuck come through for me twice a week with the random topics and drop some knowledge. Everything from murder mysteries to the ins and outs of epilepsy. Episode recommendation: When Inventions Kill!

Ear Hustle

This podcast is recorded inside San Quentin prison and is so honest and emotional. You hear from all types of prisoners and get totally invested in their stories. We all have our preconceived notions about what prison is like, but this sheds some light on the real people that society has locked away. Episode recommendation: Thick Glass

How I Built This

GET INSPIRED! Successful entrepreneurs sit down with Ted Talk legend Guy Raz and recall how they created their million (sometimes billion!) dollar enterprises. If you ever need some Monday motivation, this podcast easily does the trick. Episode recommendation:  method: Adam Lowry & Eric Ryan

30 for 30

If you love the 30 for 30 documentaries on ESPN, you’ll definitely vibe with the podcast. It’s classic ESPN-quality, and wide-ranging stories that range from infuriating (check out the Bikram yoga series) to shocking (The Fighter Inside covers a story about a professional boxing match from inside… prison?!) Episode Recommendation: Juiced


These podcasts are limited series, so I didn’t include them on the list above. BUT, I highly recommend that you binge listen to the following on your next commute. Just trust me.


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