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New Year's Resolutions... Still?

We made it. It’s February. We survived the never-ending month of January and we can finally stop greeting each other with “Happy New Year!” *cue awkward high fiving*

January was a tough year

So, uh… how are things going? Crazy weather, amiright? Did you have a good weekend?

OK, really quickly before we forget about January altogether, I want to address New Year’s Resolutions. They get a bad rap, but I actually quite enjoy them. I like thinking of actionable things that I can do to improve myself and my impact on others. I also like making lists, so there’s that. And seeing as how most New Year’s Resolutions don’t survive January – most actually end on January 12, according to the New York Post – I thought February would be a good time to check in (on you, and on myself) and see how things are going.

Here is my list of resolutions this year, in no particular order:

  • More self-care

  • More patience in parenting (less raising my voice)

  • Exercise at least once a week

  • More adventures with the kids

  • More time with friends and family

  • No chips at work

I saved this list in my phone, and every now and then, I check in on them to remind myself. And, reflecting honestly on how my January went, I think my resolutions have been kept (for the most part).

Exception: I currently have two large bags of Cheetos (one original, the other flaming hot) in my office drawer. For some reason, I temporarily thought my resolution was no chips at home, leading me to buy some chips for safekeeping on my lunch break. I’m not too ashamed to admit that there has been more than one day that I have eaten hot Cheetos for breakfast. Maybe I should be too ashamed? No, I’m an adult! I can do whatever I want! *hides Cheetos-stained fingers*

new year's resolution
Exhibit A.: Hidden Cheetos

BUT! Once I discovered my error, I stopped eating the chips at work. They’re currently sitting in my desk drawer, quietly taunting me.

Other than that, I’ve been working out every Friday (and have been incredibly sore every Saturday), I’ve gone out with friends that I hadn’t gone out with for TWO YEARS, we went to the park and let Avery roam around and climb trees and feed ducks, and I’ve been up to my eyeballs with frustration during bed time and managed to keep my voice steady and calm. All of these things, friends, are miracles.

new year's resolutions
Avery on a tree-climbing adventure

I think this bodes well for me. I’ll check back in in two months and let you know if I’ve fallen off the resolution wagon.

Have you made any new year’s resolutions this year?


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