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Movie Moms That Get All My Sympathy

You know you’re getting older when you’re watching a movie, and you find yourself sympathizing more with the parents than the kids. I had this realization after re-watching Home Alone. As a kid, it was fun imagining what it would be like to have the house all to yourself. As an adult, it’s like “CAN YOU IMAGINE IF I FORGOT ONE OF MY KIDS?!?”

Totally different perspective.

My fellow moms, I dare you to re-watch these movies and put yourself in the mom’s shoes. Not so funny now, is it?! (Possible spoilers ahead)

Kate McCallister – Home Alone

home alone, movie moms

She scolded her son in front of his entire family, made him sleep in that weird attic room, and then flew to Europe, WITHOUT HIM. We all know and love the plot. As a kid watching Home Alone, I never really paid too much attention to the mom’s story line, but now, when I watch it (as I do every year at Christmas) and the scene plays with the mom crying in the airport, it gets me. What a nightmare that would have been.

Queen Aoleon – Coming to America

coming to america, movie moms

OK, so this is my favorite movie of all time. But my goodness, the mom here has a rough deal. She’s married to King Jaffe (who apparently cheats on her with his bathers, btw) and then later, she has to deal with her husband offending basically everyone he meets in the city of New York. Thank goodness she talks some sense into Jaffe at the end and convinces him to support their son. Prince Akeem rides off into the sunset with Lisa, but where is Queen Aoeleon’s happy ending?

Sina – Moana

sina, movie moms

Have you seen this movie? Will you admit that you’ve cried when Sina helps Moana leave under the cover of darkness while her husband is tending to his dying mother? Will you?!

Dina Byrnes – Meet the Parents

meet the parents, movie moms

First of all, her husband tends to be a bit of a jerk. That aside, her daughter’s new boyfriend comes to her house and spills her mother-in-law’s ashes all over the carpet, ruins her other daughter’s wedding, and almost burns down her house. And she still found it within herself to support the guy? What a gem.

Ramonda - Black Panther

black panther, movie moms

Husband? Dead. Son? Presumed dead. Cut to Ramonda walking to a rival village to try and convince them to help them fight against an impending hostile takeover. I'll take potty training and "baby shark" over that any day.

What movie moms do you find yourself sympathizing with?


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