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His Way: Usher's Tiny Desk

In this week's Who Asked You?, we vibe out with a great movie and great music, and find solace in great poetry.

Good Luck to You, Leo Grande

Emma Thompson is spectacular in this comedy/drama about a retired school teacher searching for a sexual awakening after the death of her husband. I found it very endearing and the acting is top notch. I recommend skipping the trailer and going into the movie fresh. Streaming on Hulu!

Usher's Tiny Desk

We love a Tiny Desk, and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Usher released his own vibey Tiny Desk concert yesterday. He performs some of his biggest hits, reworked with new arrangements that perfectly suited the venue. After the hilarious debacle that was the Omarion/Mario Verzuz, it was nice to be reminded of an R&B legend with effortless vocals.

Take Great Care

Lastly, I'll leave you with an excerpt of a poem by Marge Piercy, called Right to Life. It's been a rough couple of weeks; these are scary times. I hope you are taking care of yourself and find comfort in the little things while all of these big things appear to be crashing down around us.

I will choose what enters me, what becomes,

flesh of my flesh. Without choice, no politics,

no ethics lives. I am not your cornfield,

not your uranium mine, not your calf

for fattening, not your cow for milking.

You may not use me as your factory.

Priests and legislators do not hold

shares in my womb or my mind.

This is my body. If I give it to you

I want it back. My life

is a non-negotiable demand.


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