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The Batman's Smokey Eye

In this week's Who Asked You? I applaud the realism of The Batman and share my favorite arm workout.

Finally, a Batman I Believe

I streamed The Batman this week, and boy, what a ride. While it's not my favorite Batman movie ever (that honor belongs to Michael Keaton and Danny Devito's Batman Returns) or even my favorite interpretation of Batman (not sure who that honor belongs to tbh), the overall approach really resonated with me.

Watching Pattinson slowly and creepily stomp through a crime scene while the cops look at him like the weirdo he is felt so authentic. Other iterations want us so badly to believe that Batman is this gorgeous, charismatic socialite, but that just doesn't make sense. He's a reclusive man that dons a bat costume and fights crime. In a full smokey eye, no less. Super weird. And I loved it.

And on that note, props to the director for addressing the makeup under the mask situation for the first time in franchise history (what took them so long?!). I immediately thought of this hilarious tik tok.

What is Shen Yun?

You've seen the flyers, but have you seen the show? Here's a great New Yorker article on the enigma that is Shen Yun.

A Workout with Real Rewards

Did you think I was going to be plugging an actual arm workout? Not really my style. Hand-whipped cream on the other hand, totally on brand. Highly recommend whipping up some fresh whipped cream and enjoying the goodness with a bowl of fresh strawberries or a pan of warm brownies. It's delicious, fun to do with kids, and you'll definitely put your arm muscles to work. Win, win, win.


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