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Hey All You Cute Cats and Kittens - Checking In

How quickly things change. My last post was on March 2, and here we are, a little more than a month later, amid a global pandemic, all thanks to COVID-19.

First off, I hope you are well, are taking care of yourselves and your families, and are finding ways to stay happy and connected in these unpredictable times. Seeing as how a large portion of the country is on stay-at-home orders currently, a lot of us have been looking for ways to bring light into our homes and our hearts; to take our minds off of the devastation around us.

The loss of life is tragic, and only compounded by those that have also lost their jobs, their savings, and their peace of mind.

A lot of writers are inspired by tragedy; I don’t find myself to be in that group. I do find release in writing about difficult experiences, but generally not while I’m experiencing them. I usually reflect, months (if not years) later, and search for closure by journaling my pain when it’s no longer fresh.

So – this blog won’t be about the darkness but will hopefully bring some of that light that we’re all searching for. Someone on Twitter said that 2020 has been one giant Razor scooter to the ankle, and I could not agree more. Hopefully, here are some things that will help get your mind off the pain:

D.I.Y. Tie Dye Socks

After watching this video, I immediately bought a tie dye kit from Target and am planning on dyeing all of the white things I can find – not just socks – with my daughter. I think she’ll get a huge kick out of it.

Cast of Hamilton Reunites to Serenade a Fan

My sister-in-law sent me this video and right when Lin Manuel-Miranda popped up on screen I started smiling. My family had plans to surprise my daughter with a Hamilton show this May (which obviously won’t be happening now) so I related to this girl’s excitement on another level. We may not be seeing the musical like we planned but seeing and hearing the original cast reunite for one of our favorite Hamilton songs was a nice treat.

Fall Down a Drunk History Rabbit Hole

Someone – usually a comedian – drinks a little too much and retells an important moment in history. Using the inebriated person’s narration, celebrities reenact the moments. A simple recipe for some hilarious watching. I recently watched the one on John Wilkes Booth’s Journey from Actor to Assassin with Adam Scott and was cracking up. The majority of these are hilarious; pick one at random and enjoy.

Tiger King

If you’ve watched this show, you understand the title of this blog. If you haven’t, please watch the show. I know that a lot of us don’t have time to binge watch shows considering we’re working from home, homeschooling, etc. But if you can find the time to watch this series (only six episodes) you won’t regret it. It’s impossible to explain this show and do it justice, so just watch it!



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