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Here's Your State's Favorite Thanksgiving Dish

I was browsing Mental Floss today and starting reading an article on The Most Popular Thanksgiving Dishes in Each State, thanks to House Method.

Here's a graphic from House Method, showing what Thanksgiving recipes each state searches for the most. And I am SHOCKED.

I'm in California, and Yams are great, so that's fine. But I just can't believe that macaroni and cheese is not the most searched recipe for Thanksgiving in any state?!? And states like Arizona and Minnesota are busy Googling recipes for salad instead? Don't even get me started on the Deviled Eggs (isn't that an appetizer, not a dish?).

I accept that a lot of Thanksgiving dishes are regional, and what shows up on your Thanksgiving table has a lot to do with where you are. But I was expecting at least a couple of the Southern states to represent for the ooey gooey magic that is macaroni and cheese. (I'm looking at you, Georgia).

And what about desserts? House Method has that covered, too.

These results are much more in line with my assumptions, with the exception of the brownies. I had no idea Thanksgiving brownies were a thing, but that sounds delicious! Pumpkin pie in most places, and Sweet Potato pie in a few of the Southern states.

I am so excited for Thanksgiving this year. I'll be doing the majority of the cooking for the first time, and I hope all goes well. Macaroni and Cheese will definitely be on our table. What will be on yours?

Read the House Method article here.

Read the Thanksgiving Survival Guide for tips on surviving the holiday.


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