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Haven't Heard That Name in Years

Get your healthy dose of nostalgia here!

On the heels of another birthday celebration, age and time has been top of mind. I've accepted (gracefully, if I do say so myself) that I've aged out of most things that are cool, young, fresh, etc. I'm not expected to be on trend or "in the know."

Which is more than fine by me. Let me wear my skinny jeans in peace.

This line of thinking also brings to mind things that I loved when I was young - although looking back, I'm not sure if I would have ever been considered "cool" - and how nothing lasts forever. Trends come, and trends go. All we can do is enjoy them - or ignore them - while they last.

Here are six things that totally rocked my young world.


This is a bit of an exception, because I did stumble across one in the Target toy section the other day. That being said, I hardly think these are what the cool kids are clamoring for. But when I was probably 9 or 10, I had a Tamagotchi and I was obsessed. I took it on a family road trip and somehow left it behind in a hotel room. I cried the entire day picturing all the digital poop piling up on the forgotten screen.

Addy the American Girl

While I remember this fondly, I have to admit that as an adult, I'm a bit torn on the Addy doll now. There were several original dolls to choose from, but at the time I received her as a gift, Addy was the only black doll. She came with her corresponding books, which I read eagerly. It was a heartbreaking story of slavery, racism, and survival. Why couldn't little black girls like me have a fun, whimsical story to engross ourselves in? Who knows. But I do have fond memories.

BET After Dark

In the evenings, BET would air their After Dark show wit amazing slow jams (not be confused with BET Uncut!). This show is what got me into Maxwell, Vivian Green, Carl Thomas, Jon B., the list goes on. True R&B vibes with the classic music videos to go along with it. Kids today just don't know what they're missing.

Small Wonder

Does anyone remember this show?? For some reason I loved the dynamic between the robot with the dry sense of humor and the erratic, emotional father. I don't know of the reruns playing anywhere, but if you stumble upon it, watch it.


I loved this drink. I can't even really remember what it tastes like, but I remember drinking it every chance I got. This and Snapple were probably my top two favorite drinks ever. Before adulthood introduced me to checking nutrition labels and being worried about silly things like sugar content. In high school, I would throwback a Fruitopia and a bag of hot Cheetos and go run a track meet, no problem.


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