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Costume Ideas for Black Women – Halloween 2019

When it comes time to actually pick my costume – usually at the last minute – I always struggle picking one that reflects my pop culture icons. Swing by your typical Halloween store this year, and you’ll be sure to find Seven from Stranger Things, Captain Marvel, sexy police officer, sexy firefighter, sexy prisoner, Sandy from Grease, Kelly from Saved by the Bell, etc.

But that’s not the vibe I’m looking for. Where’s my Lisa Turtle costume? What about Hilary Banks? Think you’ll find a Cardi B costume on the racks? Nope. I looked. For the most part, we’re left to our own devices to figure out Halloween costumes that reflect black culture.

So I’ve been looking at pictures for inspiration, and searching the depths of Amazon to put together some (mostly) affordable Halloween costumes that will pop off on October 31.


The legend. The icon. Based off this famous denim on denim look, this costume is simple to put together (it’s probably already mostly in your closet) and can be thrown on when you decide at the last minute that you want to function on All Hallows' Eve. Because the denim shirt and pants are already wardrobe staples, I didn’t provide links for those. Find the earrings, the wrist cuff, and some affordable hair extensions for that long braid, and you’re good to go.

Andre 3000

This is one of my favorites. This music video is a classic and this song is timeless. Straighten your hair and part it down the middle, put on your outfit, and shake it like a Polaroid picture all night. Bonus points if you get your friends to dress up like the other Andres in the video. Find the shirt, the suspenders, the plaid pants, and the tie.


So many Aaliyah looks, so little time. It was hard settling on a specific look to go with for this costume, because baby girl was such a fashion icon. Close runners up were her silver look in the “Are You that Somebody?” video, and her bandeau Hilfiger look. For this costume, find the jacket, the sunglasses, the belly chain, and the boxers. Layer it with any white crop top and baggy pair of jeans.

Lil' Kim

I mean, what can really be said about this look – it’s amazing. And people will immediately recognize who you’re paying homage to. But please be warned, if you don’t know Kim’s verse in Crush on You, you are not eligible to wear this costume. Find the jacket, the necklace, and the blue wig.

The Little Mermaid

OK, admittedly, this one is a curve ball. But now that we know that the beautiful Halle Bailey will be playing Ariel in the live action remake (and Daveed Diggs has been cast as Sebastian!), I’m more than happy to include this costume option on the list. Find the skirt, find the top, and if you want, find the wig. Or if the mood strikes, go natural. Everyone will want to be part of your world.

BONUS – Black Seinfeld

If you have a group of friends that would be down for this costume, you’re winning at life.


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