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Cooking Challenge: You've Been Sliced

My friend Ray is a celebrity hairstylist by trade, and comedian by nature. Recently, he teamed up with his BFF and celebrity client Adrienne Houghton to host and judge “Adrienne vs. Israel: Cooking Challenge” on her YouTube Channel.

Ray picked a bunch of random ingredients and gave Adrienne and her husband Israel 30 minutes to create something delicious. If it sounds familiar, it is: the episode was called “Sliced” (Chopped, anyone?). And no offense to Ted Allen, but Ray might be my new favorite cooking competition host.

Here’s are the ingredients the two competitors had to work with:

Cooked rotisserie chicken

Green sugar-free Jello

Crème Fraiche


Bread crumbs


Watch below to see what they cooked, and who won:


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