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Candyman: Say His Name

In this week's Who Asked You?, we meet the Candyman and pay too much for candy at the movies.

Candyman, Candyman, Candyman....

Candyman was released almost a year ago in August 2021, and while I was looking forward to its debut, I somehow failed to actually sit down and watch it. Until this week. It's scary and thought-provoking, and filled with creepy/beautiful shots (see above). I'll admit that my lack of Candyman knowledge did leave me a bit lost in some parts, but the perk of watching movies at home is I was able to hit pause and do a little research before the next scene.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

Image via BooknBrunch

This was a fun read (or listen, thanks to Audible) and I quite enjoyed the journey. Evelyn Hugo is a retired superstar actress known not only for her incredible films, but also her titillating love life. But the story behind her multiple husbands just so happens to be a cover for something unexpected.

Is Having Fun Getting Too Expensive?

I've noticed that a spontaneous trip to the movies with the kids can set me back a pretty penny, but I thought that was just me being cheap. Turns out, prices on fun activities like catching a flick or going to a baseball game are indeed getting more costly. So much so, that the average family may be getting priced out of these types of events altogether.

Chai Lattes On a Budget

Speaking of saving money, I have been loving Starbucks lately, but the cost - not so much. Hence why I was hyped to find a decaf concentration of the Tazo Chai Latte. Mix with milk (oat milk, if you're me), serve over ice and boom, a $5 Starbucks drink is now yours for what, $2? Math isn't my strong suit, but you get the idea. Money is being saved.


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