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A Birthday Party He'll Never Remember

My son MJ turned one on Friday (I can’t believe it) and we were excited to get a chance to celebrate him. As a December baby, his birthday is at risk for the inevitable Christmas merger, but I am determined to try and keep them separate for as long as I can. No joint birthday-Christmas presents for him!

In the spirit of giving him his shine, we threw him a football-themed birthday party. I wouldn’t say MJ is particularly fond of football (or any sport, for that matter), but I’ve always wanted to throw a party like this, and hey, he’s not going to remember it anyway.

But it meant that he got to wear a super cute custom-made varsity jacket, and shove some cake in his face, so I think he enjoyed himself.

My cute centerpieces were Pinterest inspired

Flag on the play! We used red and yellow napkins like football flags.

We decorated the night before. Hence the no-food and darkness outside.

The kids table AKA the "rookie table" with crayons, slime, and play-doh


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