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My 5 Most Googled Parenting Questions

For whatever reason, there are some parenting questions that my brain refuses to commit to memory.

For whatever reason, there are some parenting facts that my brain refuses to commit to memory. So, whenever the issue comes up, even though I know I’ve dealt with it before, I end up typing the question into Google, needing a reminder of how to handle it.

Here are my top 5 most Googled Parenting Questions (in no particular order):

1.     Baby Poop

Let’s get comfortable from the start and jump right in to the glamorous stuff: baby poop. Every now and then, baby MJ will let loose an exotic number 2 that puts me at a loss. Why is it so dark? Is it supposed to smell like Greek yogurt? What are those streaks of green?

Although I’m sure I went through the same gallery of poop with my first, I just can’t keep the legend of poop health to color memorized. So when a funky diaper has me stumped, I head straight to Google.

2.     Fever

OK, so I know that anything above 100.4 for an infant is considered a fever. And I have the Tylenol and Motrin dosage instructions from my doctor saved in my phone. But even so, when one of my kids starts feeling warm, and the ear thermometer displays the three-digit number that I instinctively knew would be there, I Google it.

Yes, it’s a habit, and I know I probably won’t uncover any new groundbreaking information. BUT, there is a method to my madness. I like to type in their symptoms or other specific info that might make this fever unique. That way, if other moms have posted the same thing on a message board or blog, I can read about their experiences.

3.     Eating Solids

How to transition to solids? I have no idea! Sure, I’ve done it before, but that was years ago. I search tips, suggested foods, and how to not constantly worry about choking and allergies (WHEN do I introduce peanut butter, again?)

 4.     Sleeping

Avery was so easy, she slept through the night basically right away. MJ on the other hand, was a little more… stubborn. My husband and I were constantly searching for explanations to his crazy sleeping habits (wakes up every hour) and techniques to get him to sleep for longer periods of time (pick him up when he’s crying, and put him back down, pick him up when he’s crying, then put him back down, repeat, repeat…)

Everyone swears they have just the thing to get your baby to sleep – from swaddles to lullabies to feeding schedules. And thank God for all those brave people. Babies are so different, and as the saying goes, different strokes for different folks. Even if the answer is way back on page 3 of the Google results for “MY BABY ISNT SLEEPING!”

5.     Weight

This speaks to the sheer size of parenting blgos and message boards: I challenge you to type in any age and weight for your baby, and you’ll see a dedicated message board just for you. I’ve searched a wide variety of combinations and I have not been disappointed once.

MJ is on the slimmer side, and after his weigh-in’s at his doctor’s appointments, I always search his age/weight to get more information on the percentile and read about how other mom’s are feeling about their own babes. Sometimes causal medical searching gets a bad wrap because of the potential to be bombarded by negative results, but I’ve found for this specific issue, what I’m usually greeted with is “your baby is perfectly fine and normal, don’t worry!” which I’ll admit, rational or not – is comforting.

What are your most Googled parenting questions??


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