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It's Never Too Late to Start

In this week's Who Asked You?, we celebrate self love and banana bread.

Sha'Carri Richardson on Self Love

Sha'Carri Richardson
Photo by Izack Morales for Teen Vogue

Sha'Carri sat down with Teen Vogue and shared how she practices self love and how she discovered her strong sense of self.

Lauren and Cameron's Tough Discussions on Race

Are you a fan of Love is Blind? If so, season 1 fan-favorite Lauren has a new podcast, We Have the Receipts. In the latest episode, she talks about how her and husband Cameron navigated tough discussions on race during the pandemic. Her and co-host Chris also interview Deepti from season 2 to get the deets on her MESS of an ex-fiance Shake. 🙄

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Chocolate chip banana bread
Photo via Spoonful of Flavor

Made this recipe a couple of days ago (with carob chips, of course) and it is stellar. I've basically been eating cake for breakfast everyday this week.

Life is a Party, Not a Race

Here's a great piece about enjoying life and staying away from placing timelines on yourself. I had no idea that Toni Morrison didn't publish her first book until she was 40 years old! Travel at your own pace, folks.


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