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Interview With My 5-Year-Old

Updated: May 9, 2020

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, parents everywhere are trying to do it all: work from home full-time, home school, cook, clean, disinfect, and stay sane. It’s not easy. But I’m not the only one in this house whose routine has been completely upended. My five-year-old is also adjusting to life without school, teachers, and friends. She’s mentioned how much she misses freedom to climb on jungle gyms, go on Costco runs with Granny and Papa, and eat at her favorite restaurant with Nana. We’ve talked about germs, and how there are some pretty serious ones floating around nowadays. We’ve chatted about why we need to wear masks, count to 20 when we wash our hands, and give our neighbors plenty of space if we’re outside playing at the same time. And she’s been a trooper; finding joy in the small pleasures and only complaining the standard 5-year-old amount. One morning, while she played beneath the dining table as I typed away on my computer, I decided to check in and see how she was feeling about yet another week at home. How do you feel about being out of school? Happy, because we have more fun. What do we do every day? Have fun, ride bikes and scooters, play bubbles, fly my kite, and go to the park. Why do we have to stay home? Because of the germs, they can get us sick. How do you feel about the germs still being around? Sad, because I want to go back to Granny’s house and Cammy’s house. What has been your favorite part of staying home with Mommy? Hmmm…riding scooters and bikes. When the germs are gone, and you can go anywhere you want, where do you want to go? I want to go to Chuck E Cheese and have fun. And go to Disneyland and get snacks and treats.


I also look forward to the day that we can head back to Disneyland and enjoy a Dole Whip. I can’t imagine when that will be or what that will look like, but I’m looking forward to it.

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