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Amazing Apps for Moms (that aren't FOR moms)

It's time to delete some apps and clear out some space on your phone. These apps may not have been designed for moms, but they definitely help me get through the day and stay relaxed, well-read, in shape, and ready for a photo opp.

Here are four of my absolute favorite apps:


Do I need to state the obvious? Moms are a stressed folk, generally speaking. Headspace is a guided meditation app that helps you relax, breathe, and unclench your teeth. You can also set it to remind you to meditate, and to ping you with relaxation reminders a couple times a day.


Is this app still cool with the teens and twenty-somethings? I don’t know. But, I still love it. Huji adds a Polaroid look to all your photos, and is a super cute way to capture pics of your little ones. It also adds the date to every snap, and the year is always 1998.

A photo of MJ via the Huji app


This mom hasn’t read a physical book in years (for shame), but I still satisfy my “reading” need by listening to books via the Audible app. You pay a monthly fee, and every month you get a credit to download any book of your choice, no matter the price. Next up: Michelle Obama’s Becoming. (Podcasts are also amazing, check out my favorites here.)

Nike Training Club

When I do get a chance to work out, there’s no time to be lollygagging next to the weight machines, trying to figure out how they work. The Nike Training Club app gives you dozens of timed workout routines, for different capability levels, intensity levels, and time (from 15 minutes to 45 minutes). After I had Avery, I relied on Nike Training Club to get me into shape for my wedding. My favorite was the workout designed by Serena Williams.

What are your favorite apps?


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